The Campaign for a Blue Blue Earth is to motivate you to

Purify the air literally and figuratively

Protect natural forests

The Amazon forest requires protection, for it cannot be replicated.

protect natural forest blue blue earth campaign
Sustainable forest planting blue blue earth campaign

Sustainable forest planting

“Plant the right trees in the right place and for the right purpose.” – Rami Jamnadass

Reduce air pollution

Many economic activities increase air pollution.


Enjoy forest retreats

When your rhythms synchronize with nature your comfort levels rise.

Build inclusive environments

Mother Earth is passionate about all her biomes, ecosystems and habitats.


Our story

blue-blue-earth-campaign-clean-our-air planet earth

In a daydream Archaela had when she was four years old, she saw the earth as if on a split screen. And again, when at the age of fifty it was as though around the world she’d been. Asked to choose between a barren earth and a fertile, abundant one, she chose a blue, blue earth. Thus, was her vision to purify the air, literally and figuratively birthed.
This first stage of Archaela’s awakening to her task is portrayed on the Blue Blue Earth logo. Plant forests at schools and get children to reconnect with trees planted in circles of biodiversity. Through this exposure would the earth’s natural forests be saved. And children freed from brick-and-mortar classrooms – outdoor classrooms, recreational, meditative and contemplative spaces these afforestation projects were meant to be.

Shuffle for Mandela Day

President Mandela loved children. All children, for race was not a barrier to him. I remembered how he loved young voices singing, “Twinkle, twinkle little

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Whereto the Rainbow Nation?

May 10th marked the anniversary of President Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration. Reading his speech twenty-eight years later was sobering. Whereto the rainbow nation? I wondered. His

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Mandela Day 2021
Earth Sustainability

Mandela Day 2021: Protecting Our Soil

Mandela Day 2021 takes place in the midst of a third wave, financial sabotage and exceptionally high levels of unemployment. How can tomorrow be different? This post contains some suggestions.

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Enabling Sustainable Livelihoods

Amazon and the Quintuple Bottom Line

Amazon provides an opportunity to grow our economy. Not just in theory, but in reality. In this article Archaela presents possible strategies for an eco-social sustainable outcome. While it is in the interests of local stakeholders to object to the River Club redevelopment it is also in their interests to welcome Amazon. On ethical terms.

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biodiversity economy

My World-Class African Suburb?

Is Orange Grove a ‘world class’ African suburb? It most certainly is buzzing with life. While it is a cosmopolitan suburb, attracting a growing number

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