Our story

In a daydream Archaela had when she was four years old, she saw the earth as if on a split screen. And again, when at the age of fifty it was as though around the world she’d been. Asked to choose between a barren earth and a fertile, abundant one, she chose a blue, blue earth. Thus, was her vision to purify the air, literally and figuratively birthed.

This first stage of Archaela’s awakening to her task is portrayed on the Blue Blue Earth logo. Plant forests at schools and get children to reconnect with trees planted in circles of biodiversity. Through this exposure would the earth’s natural forests be saved. And children freed from brick-and-mortar classrooms – outdoor classrooms, recreational, meditative and contemplative spaces these afforestation projects were meant to be.

At this time, Archaela also piloted forest retreats and permaculture workshops with teenagers. Keen, perhaps even desperate, to make it the source of income that would replace her teacher’s salary, she spent years exploring possible business models. These had to conform to strict ethical principles. Simultaneously she learnt and committed to promoting biomimicry and the Earth Charter while doing her best in practicing the ethics and principles of permaculture.

Yet her vision to purify the air literally and figuratively stubbornly refused to be twisted, squeezed and man-handled into a box labelled: Income Stream.


Knowing that she had made a mistake, Archaela decided to correct herself.  Blue Blue Earth became The Campaign for a Blue Blue Earth.

Once the intention was sent into the universe, Emhlabeni Wabantu (We are earth people SA) peeped out at her: The square represents the laws of nature while the vortex depicts the time-related healing vortex. The butterfly reminds Archaela of butterflies in Limpopo’s sacred forests. And that indigenous knowledge systems and communities across the world have the potential to help improve air quality everywhere. Literally. And figuratively.

In the background, Emhlabeni Wabantu has grown into a young sapling. Its leaflets are just beginning to show. This spurt in growth was fertilised by lockdowns as Archaela revised her assumptions regarding the processes and people she serves. Her intention is to grow this income stream in tandem with her divination and channelling work.

The most challenging aspect of preparing for the task of enabling sustainable livelihoods was growing up! It was intense and time consuming and required giving up her expectations of what life should look like for herself and her family. It required many adventures, including being renamed…

‘Archaela’ is the African shamanic name Aline de Gouveia received as a diviner in the Inzuza lineage. Given to her by a Jewish ancestor, it is also her Jewish name. Resh-chet-lamed spells ‘Rachel’ using the Hebrew aleph-bet; ‘Archaela’ is spelled ayin-resh-kaf-lamed-hei and means to be of value to her. Her refers to Rachel, wife of the biblical Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. And according to the oral tradition, mother of the whole Jewish nation.

Archaela perceives herself as belonging to the tribe of Benjamin. To rectify her ancestors’ exploitation of the earth, Archaela is drawn to the elevation of agriculture, money and business models to a line with sustainable livelihoods. To rectify the rejection of the Judaism of Jesus by Paul, a Benjaminite, she supports the leadership of the tribe of Judah.


These African and Jewish lineages work together joyfully with Archaela to enable sustainable livelihoods on the African continent: The logo depicts the barren earth as an African clay pot. Despite, like the earth, being 71% filled with water, it requires effort to access the water. And to use it to serve life on earth.

The deeper meaning is a more personal one. The vessel’s opening represents a seed that ends on a leaflet. In order to thrive, in alignment with its blueprint, the seed must be ‘earthed’ in healthy soil. It must also receive the right combination of sun and water. In return it will provide oxygen as one of its primary benefits to life on this planet. And nutritious food for a hungry earth. The logo is a reminder to Archaela to pick up from where she left off in 2010…and to do and listen to the God of Rachel on a daily basis.

As a revert to Judaism, Archaela facilitates the process of return to the faith of Rachel, especially of Christians of Jewish descent who feel lost. As an African she supports the facilitation of the baseline Noahide Laws in ways that protect the spiritual integrity of indigenous knowledge systems and cultures.

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